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There are dozens of GTA money generator hacks passed through us these years. There was “Elusive” mod and it was the best, right until Rockstar has shut it down. The stock market method still allows you to make millions, but it also takes time and gives no RP.

We’ve exploited the versions of several hacks like extended Lester’s script and 5-stars glitch. It’s allowed us to create the tool to mine money and RP for free in minutes. Now you can use it too.

How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online Fast?

All common questions keep popping around are about the GTA V money generator glitches. People don’t want a workaround like Shark Cards. They’re looking for something that will let you get in-game cash really fast and will actually work. We’re bringing such a thing here.

To make money in GTA 5 Online fast you need to:

  1. Go to submit box on our website;
  2. Choose the required amount of money and RP, then click GENERATE;
  3. Type in your Rockstar Social Club username and select your gaming platform;
  4. Wait for a website bot to find your account and pass the verification;
  5. Enjoy your free money!

How does GTA 5 Online Money Generator work?

We use Lester’s script glitch for this GTA 5 money generator. Originally, you could perform it in-game if you called Lester to request a plane while blocking it spawn location with a car. You’ll need to follow a specific timing when doing it by yourself, and you’ll get only $2000 every few seconds without living the area. Some users stood there for as long as 8 hours to grind a desirable amount of money. This why our tool sometimes requires up to 4 minutes to process your request.

Rockstar has already shut this down, but we’ve brought it back anyway. Our GTA Online money hack exploits the script code remained in the game’s data, several times in a second. Then it overwrites the data so the Rockstar server thinks you performed this several times somewhere before when the hack was still unspotted. Thanks to this feature you won’t get banned from Rockstar Social Club for using our hack.

For generating free RP GTA 5 generator use old exploits of the 5-star hack. In case you hadn’t heard about it: this workaround just gives you five stars wanted level and then lifts it repeatedly. Rockstar claimed dozens of times they have shut it down for good, but we still keep finding a way to bring it back.

It usually requires no human verification. Recently we asked every user to pass it manually to avoid tool abuse. Now the verification appears only when the number of simultaneous requests is too high for GTA 5 Online money hack tool. When happens only accidentally, it helps us to slow down the growth, so the features won’t lag or get busted by Rockstar Social Club servers.

It may appear that several of your requests to get free money and RP from our hack sending you to human verification. If the problem persists, shoot us an email and we will look through this.


Is this GTA Online money hack really free?

A: Yes, so far the GTA 5 money generator is free with no restrictions by a number of sessions or a server location. We’re testing a possibility to run ads only after you’ve got your free cash. We understand that a vast part of users will leave the website at that moment. Anyway, if several of them stayed, it would have got us a profit.

Q: Would I be banned by Rockstar for using the money glitch?

A: No, out tool rewrites its log files right on the Rockstar Social Club server. It helps to not get spotted – these actions look just like they performed a long time before. It doesn’t mean do dozens of requests in just one day. It makes the tool overwhelmed with similar requests, so it starts lagging. As a result, you and some other users won’t get their free GTA Online money.

Q: GTA V money generator takes several minutes to process my request – is anything wrong?

A: It can be like that because of the nature of hacks the tool is using to generate unlimited money and RP. They are based on simulating specific in-game actions for thousands of times. When it’s farming money, it repeats the same actions in the same order for up to 10 times in a second. When there are many free money requests, it can take longer, up to 4 minutes instead of several seconds. Just don’t panic and take your time.